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Lock Up Your Garden Equipment

Lawn mower

With the arrival of summer around the corner, and the improvement in weather evident, now is time to make sure your garden equipment is locked up securely.

Opportunist thieves tend to use the change in weather to their advantage, so make sure when leaving the house or even sitting in the back garden to lock away garden items like lawnmowers, trimmers, cutters and even BBQ’s.

And if possible make sure the locks on your shed, or garage door are strong enough to prevent opportunist thieves from making an attempt to steal some of your garden equipment.

It is also vitally important other garden equipment like garden shears and loppers are locked away, as they can be used to help thieves gain access to your house, garage or shed.

And Mark Edmunds has a clear message for homeowners: "My clear recommendation for homeowners is to make sure that you take extra care during the summer. Opportunist thieves don't need a second invitation to steal expensive garden equipment, and we have seen in the past that garden equipment thefts rise dramatically during the coming months."